AAOMP Continuing Competency Assurance Program (CCAP)

The AAOMP CCAP fulfills the requirements for the ABOMP Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Self-Assessment Program. A diplomate with a time-limited certificate may obtain current and/or retroactive credit by participating and submitting notification of completion to the office of the ABOMP.

Obtaining the AAOMP CCAP Virtual Slide Cases

AAOMP CCAP cases, from 2005 to the present, are currently available as virtual slides for review and ABOMP credit. It is anticipated that upon adjournment of each AAOMP annual meeting, that year’s CCAP set will be added to the list of available retrospective case sets.

Contact Karen Benton at kbenton@integrated-solutions.com or +1 (888) 552-2667 to pay for the CCAP case set(s) you need. The appropriate flash drive(s) containing the image and data files will be mailed to your address.

Viewing the CCAP Cases

The flash drive(s) will contain several .pdf files, about 20 .svs image files and an executable file (.exe) that will open up the .svs files.

Upon selecting answers, each participant will attest to completion by utilizing a fillable pdf form that will be included on the flash drive. This will need to be completed by the participant and returned to Karen Benton at kbenton@integrated-solutions.com.  Answers with discussions of each case will be sent back to the participant in electronic pdf form along with a year-specific CCAP certificate of completion.  This information also will be forwarded to ABOMP. Finally, a CERP CE certificate for 3 hours of credit will also be forwarded to the participant.

Obtaining the Latest Image Viewing Software

(Note: the version of the Aperio ImageScope software included on the flash drive may or may not be the latest version. If you choose to install it, skip info below.)

PC Users:

Follow this link to Leica Biosystems. On this page, you will be able to download the most recent version of the Aperio ImageScope software, as well as the software User Guide.

Mac Users:

Mac computers are automatically able to view .svs files in a program called WebScope. No additional program needs to be downloaded. If you have any issues with viewing the slides, please contact Dr. Yeshwant Rawal, AAOMP Chair AV subcommittee ybrawal@uw.edu.


  1. Contact Karen Benton at kbenton@integrated-solutions.com or at 888.552.2667
    • Tell her which year(s) to send
    • Pay for course(s)
  2. Receive material on flash drive
    • Install Aperio ImageScope software from the flash drive or download the latest version from Leica Biosystems (see directions above).
    • Open Images pdf file to see radiograph and/or clinical photos if available for that case
    • Open Questions pdf file to see history and answer options
    • Open svs virtual slide files with ImageScope and choose an answer for each case
    • Complete all case answers. (These do NOT need to be returned and are for self-assessment purposes only.)
    • Fill out fillable pdf cover letter for Board notification.
    • Click “SHARE” button to send to Karen Benton.
    • Select “attach to email” option then send to Karen at kbenton@integrated-solutions.com when your email dialogue box opens.
    • Fill out fillable pdf course evaluation.
    • Submit completed form to Karen Benton by one of the following 3 methods:
      • Email it by selecting “attach to email” option and send to kbenton@integrated-solutions.com when your email dialogue box opens; or
      • Print and mail both forms to the following address; or
        214 North Hale Street
        Wheaton, IL 60187
      • Print and fax both forms to +1 (630) 510-4501.
    • Karen will forward information to ABOMP and return a pdf file with the answers and discussions for each case.
    • When you receive answers/discussion
      • Read discussions while using ImageScope to review cases.
      • Receive CE credit/certificate
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