ABOMP Head and Neck Case Review Program

Slide Study Sets

To order the ABOMP Head and Neck Case Review Program slide study sets for the current year (form deadline: January 1st of current year) and/or past years starting from 1997 to the present (form deadline: none), please log into your ROC-P profile at https://abomp.roc-p.com.

Current Year

The surgical pathology competency self-assessment program focuses on oral, maxillofacial, sinonasal, otologic, laryngeal, and neck diseases.  Six slides with histories will be forwarded to participants two times per year, (twelve cases annually), and follow-up referenced discussions with diagnoses will be returned with each new mailing.  This service offers diplomates an expanded experience beyond oral, jaw, and salivary disease.  There will be a four to six week lag time from the answer deadline until the next set of slides is mailed in order to process the answers.

If you wish to receive the slide sets for the current year, please purchase them through https://abomp.roc-p.com.  To participate in the current year’s program, you must submit this form with payment by the first of this year (for example, to participate in the program for 2024, you must have submitted the form and payment by January 1, 2024).

Virtual (digital) slides sets are always available, however there are a limited number of glass slide sets available and participation will be granted on a first come, first served basis, with current diplomates receiving priority, then emeritus diplomates, then non-diplomates.  Please share glass slide study sets whenever possible, so that all who wish to use glass slides may participate.  For either glass or virtual format, if more than one pathologist has the opportunity to review a single slide set, the pathologist who does not receive the slide set directly may still participate in the program for a reduced fee of $60.00.  That pathologist will receive the history and answer sheets, but not the slide sets, and will receive a certificate of completion for participation in the slide review.

Past Years

To meet Certification Maintenance requirements, diplomates with time-limited certificates must participate in an annual slide review program. Should an exceptional circumstance prevent a diplomate from meeting this requirement in a past year, slide study sets from 1997 to the present are available for sale in a virtual (digital) format only.

Past year Virtual (digital) Slide Sets may be purchased for $110 each (twelve cases in total for that year). You will receive a USB flash drive of the images along with the case histories. Once the completed answer sheets have been submitted to the Board office, the write-ups and a certificate of completion will be sent.

To order one or more ABOMP virtual slide study sets from previous years, log into https://abomp.roc-p.com. There is no deadline for submitting this form for past years.

Additional Resources

The AAOMP also has its own unique program of virtual slide sets available from 2005 to the present for Certificate Maintenance credit and self-assessment. For information about receiving these sets from the AAOMP, please click here for more information.

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